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January 10th | 9AM-4PM

LPC, LMFT & LCSW Supervisor Refresher Course

Dr. Rhonda Johnson

· Select from activities focused on building a relationship with a supervisee
· Identify the needs of your supervisee in supervision
· Create a plan for opportunities for growth for your supervisee through self-evaluation and knowledge of ethical responsibilities
· Compare theory and non-theory based models of supervision
· Examine who to choose for supervision, what to discuss in the interview process, and ethical guidelines for supervision
· Prepare documents and ethical paperwork to use in supervision
· Identify evaluations to use that encourage self-awareness for your supervisee

Dr. Johnson is an LPC-S, LMFT-S, and RPT-S, who is passionate about supervision. She is committed to ensuring that the training course includes information needed for a supervisor to be fully informed and comply with the most current board rules. Dr. Johnson has supervised Interns and Associates since 2007 both individually and in groups. She has provided supervision for supervisees within her practice, for those outside of her practice, and for supervisees with multiple sites including community agencies, adoption agencies, and churches.

Lunch From 12pm – 1pm

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No RSVP necessary for January 10th supervision workshop, lunch is included in fees.

February 7th | 1PM-4PM

256 Shades of Grey - Ethical Dilemmas In Counseling

Dr. Laurel Clement
Dr. Ken Bateman

On a computer screen the RGB color model can show 256 shades of grey. In counseling, there are different shades of ethical issues that may arise. This workshop will not address 256 ethical issues, but it will address some of the issues mental health practitioners face. Bring your questions…

Dr. Laurel Clement has been licensed by the State of Texas as an attorney since 1989. She has been licensed by the Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors since 1998. In all cases, her goal is to advocate for her client while seeking a resolution that is both low conflict and cost effective.

Dr. Ken Bateman is loved by the community and has been readily available to support anyone with his updated and cutting edge information as a clinical fellow of AAMFT. Dr. Bateman uses several different assessment instruments to assist in defining the issue and developing a treatment plan that best fits his clients. Biofeedback including the BAUD, HeartMath, and more recently, Neuroptimal neurofeedback.

Lunch From 12pm – 1pm

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March 6th | 12PM-3PM

Evaluation and Management of Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder

Dr. Michael Lutter
  • Identify the key features of HSDD.
  • Distinguish medical from non-medical factors that can contribute to HSDD.
  • Describe the medication options for treating HSDD.

Dr. Michael Lutter works with late adolescent and adult patients struggling with eating disorder, depression, and anxiety. Dr. Lutter’s approach is to work with patients and their families to craft individual treatment plans that incorporate all members of the treatment team including psychotherapy, medical nutrition therapy, and proper medical care.

After earning a dual MD/PhD degree, Dr. Lutter worked for several years in large Academic and Medical Centers conducting patient-informed research designed to identify novel treatments for patients suffering from eating disorders, depression, and anxiety. He has published over 30 papers, written 4 book chapters, and presented at several International Conferences.

After spending 12 year doing research and patient care in large medical centers across several levels of care, he is well-versed in coordinating the care provided by multi-disciplinary teams including therapists, dietitians, and medical doctors.

Lunch From 12pm – 1pm

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April 3rd | 1PM-3PM

Trauma Informed Treatment and the Impact Trauma has on the Family System

Emphasis on the Importance of Integrative Care and Family Involvement

Shara Turner, LPC, MSC
Sabino Recovery
  • Education around the far reaching impact of trauma on the individual.
  • How trauma also impacts the family system.
  • How we treat trauma and trauma induced addictions at Sabino Recovery.
Shara Turner has a unique perspective and skillset; she has spent the last nine years in public health working with individuals dually diagnosed with a variety of substance use and mental health disorders, complex trauma, and extreme environmental and social inadequacies. The challenges faced in this arena have provided her with a strong base of practice in diagnosis, treatment, and case management. The breadth and depth of her experience extend to crisis counseling, to utilization management and coordinator of a level I psychiatric facility. Most recently Shara served as lead therapist and clinical supervisor of an 18-bed residential facility. At the helm, she developed and led an intensive outpatient equine program which proved to markedly decrease recidivism to level I hospitalizations over a six month period. In addition to attaining licensed professional counselor certification, she is certified by Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (Egala) and versed in a variety of therapeutic modalities including DBT, CPT, and CBT. Shara‘s passion lies in stepping away from the stigma of diagnosis and treating the individual, utilizing an integrative and holistic approach.

Lunch From 12pm – 1pm

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May 1st | 1PM-3PM

The Focus on Therapeutic vs Forensic Roles and Service Options for High Conflict Families

Bradley Craig
Robin Watts


Ogden Hall | First United Methodist Church of Richardson
503 North Central Expressway
Richardson, Texas 75080

About RTD

Relational Therapists of Dallas is a professional organization for mental health professionals in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area.

We provide networking and continuing education for clinicians who work with relationships, couples, and family systems.

We are a supportive and inclusive community of LMFT’s, LCSW’s, LPC’s, LCDC’s, PhD’s, PsyD’s, Psychiatrists (MD’s), in/outpatient treatment facilities, and attorneys (JD’s).


We host almost monthly meetings, with guest speakers, on a wide variety of topics related to relationships, family systems, and mental health.

Meetings occur in February, March, April, May, September, October, and November. They generally occur the first Friday of the month, from 1-3pm.

Prior to each meeting, we host a networking lunch at noon (12pm), hosted by a treatment facility who presents for 10 minutes at the end of the lunch.

By attending all meetings, CEU requirements for most master’s level mental health licensures are completed.

February’s topic is always ethics and lasts 3 hours (1-4pm) to meet CEU requirements for most mental health disciplines. In January, we host a supervisor refresher course which lasts 3 hours and is not included in “participation”. Additionally, we host a holiday party at the end of the year.

These fees are ALL INCLUSIVE, this includes all workshops.

Licensed Professionals: LMFT’s, LPCs, LCSW’s, LCDC’s, PhD’s, MD’s, JD’s, and treatment representatives from in/outpatient facilities. This includes interns and associate licenses.

These fees include all workshops EXCEPT the January Supervision workshop.

Licensed Professionals: LMFT’s, LPCs, LCSW’s, LCDC’s, PhD’s, MD’s, JD’s, and treatment representatives from in/outpatient facilities. This includes interns and associate licenses.

$175 – Pay Here

These fees include all workshops, but does NOT include the Supervision or Ethics workshops.

If you pay these fees and want to attend the Supervision and/or Ethics workshop – you will have to pay those workshop fees separately.

Licensed Professionals: LMFT’s, LPCs, LCSW’s, LCDC’s, PhD’s, MD’s, JD’s, and treatment representatives from in/outpatient facilities. This includes interns and associate licenses.

$125 – Pay Here

These fees include all workshops, but does NOT include the Supervision or Ethics workshops.

Students currently enrolled in Graduate School for a mental health discipline with valid Student ID.

$100 – Pay Here


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